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Not all works on our website are available - many works featured may have sold.  Please email or phone the gallery to ask for available works.  We are happy to provide images, pricing, dimensions & any other details you may require. 

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September 2016



featuring new works from Dunedin artist's - Tessa Barringer, Catherine Garrett, Rod Eales, Jan Ingram & Emma Milburn




Up next ...  opening Saturday 24th September, 2016:

Dalene Meiring & Richard Smith






Alex Lovell-Smith     Donna-Marie Patterson     Tania Bostock     Inge Doesburg







July & August 2016

Helen Back - Immortality & Bus Stops

Anita De Soto - 'Oh Maria'

Jon Thom - 'Unttled' (new original portraits and photographs)





'Cookie' by Helen Back


 Angus Collis



Angus Collis 'The World is Flat' oil on canvas 130 x 170cm



Angus Collis 'Forest 4b' bitumen on canvas 110 x 140cm



The Artist's Room Fine Art Gallery - XII 

12th birthday celebrations - group show featuring a large range of artists including Sam Foley, Colin Wheeler, April Coppini, Debra Powell, Steev Peyroux, Olav Nielsen, Kirsty Warman, Rachel Surron, Tony Cribb, Lara Golks, Doc Ross, Sharon Singer, Laura Hardie, Jillian Porteous, Sarah Dolby, Rachel Hirabayashi and many, many others ..



 Sam Foley 'St Leonards Yacht Club'  (oil on canvas, 160 x 110cm - framed)


Sam Foley 'Plimmerton Railway Station' , oil on canvas 200 x 120cm (framed).



Sharon Singer 'Vox' acrylic on canvas



wonderful new ceramic works from Llew Summers, Debra Powell, Helen Perrett, Marion Mewburn and Jillian Porteous ... 


 Debra Powell 'the Herpetologist' - ceramic


John Toomer 

new oil paintings






John Toomer 'Papanui Inlet' oil on canvas 1116 x 750mm



Nick Eggleston & Fiona Tunnicliffe






Nick Eggleston 'Bloomsbury' (watercolour on fine art paper) - framed.











Kirsty Warman 'I am a Part of all I have Met' (1200 x 1200mm acrylic on canvas)



We have a variety of new works coming in weekly ... this week we have new works from Sam Foley, Anna Majboroda, Danny Moorwood (ceramics), Ian Chapman, Cally Whitham, Fiona Goulding, Gillian Buckley, Anita De Soto, Llew Summers, Pia Davie and others ..






Sam Foley 'St Leonards Yacht Club' oil on canvas (framed)



Danny Moorwood - ceramics


Danny Moorwood - ceramics





Gillian Buckley 'Unforgiven' graphite on fine art paper 





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