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Michelle Chalklin-Sinclair "Dowling Street"



November at The Artist's Room Gallery - Dunedin, NZ:

Works on show from Saturday 13th November -

SARAH DOLBY "home school"




 Sarah Dolby "home school 01" original framed oil




works on show from Saturday 27th November;

JO KREYL "Pandemonium"





 Jo Kreyl "Grace" acrylic on aluminium, 71 x 81cm framed.





Opening Saturday 31st July, 2021:

Matt Gauldie * Sam Foley * Inge Doesburg * Nico Madill









Opening Saturday 10th July, 2021


Harriet Leonard - Nick Eggleston - Harriet Millar - Ellie Gray - Elsie Fourie








June 2021

Sue Tennent & Simon Jewell "Where will the Bird Perch"







May, 2021

Jane Shriffer - Changing Goalposts

(solo exhibition opens 15th May) 






April 2021

Tessa Barringer










March 2021

Lucy Eglington

'Unnatural Histories'









March 2021

opening Saturday 13th March - Jessica Ross & Rachel Foster:





February 2021


Jo St Baker "Scape"

opens Saturday 13th February 12 noon - 2pm





Tyler Kennedy Stent

Stories from my Sketchbook - there will be no official "opening" for this show.

All works will be framed for gallery exhibition - as well as available on line.



"In 2018-19 I carried three little moleskin notbooks with me for most of the time I was away from New Zealand.  As I slowly started putting together content for my London exhibition , I spent many hours sketching and capturing stories & visuals within the pages of my sketchbooks, to later transfer into large scale paintings for my exhibition.  Whilst the show itself was centred around the concept of 'The Inner Child" the stories in my sketchbook are more authentic, a less embellished depiction of my travels.. therefore I hold these a lot closer to me heart, and I certainly had no intention of selling them ..

... However, two years later I'm slowly preparing to take my work in a new direction, moving further away from the work I had focused on in Nepal.  I now feel a need to celebrate this work - and what got me there - and a need to share it with you.  Therefore this exhibition really does come directly from my sketchbook .. where I say goodbye to these pages .. "

Tyler Kennedy Stent, 2021.










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