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Please note that not all images shown on our site are available,  whilst we aim to update what is on monthly at the gallery,  this site gives you just an example of each artists' work -  If you wish to know about new and available works,  please contact us directly and we'll be happy to email you the very latest  images & details as required.


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 Opening Saturday 22nd September, 2018



Gemma Campbell, Jane Crisp & Gillian Buckley







Opening Saturday 8th September, 2018


 Tyler Kennedy Stent & Jon Thom



This show is a special joint exhibition which will feature a number of collab works, as well as a small number of individual pieces from both Tyler & Jon. 






On most days at The Artist's Room Fine Art Gallery .. artwork arrives and artwork leaves the gallery - some works sell prior to their arrival to us, so it pays to give us a call on +64 3 474 1111 or email me directly or check out our facebook page and message us on there !.


Sarah Dolby 'When I was a Bear' (oil on canvas 360 x 280 mm u/f)



Tyler Kennedy Stent "Hotere" watercolour on fine art paper u/f 









We are also thrilled to announce the arrival of a wonderful new jeweller to our stable ..